Note: This clinic is for only enrolled patients of -Dr Obomighie, Dr Plue, Dr Marszal and Dr Nearing.


This clinic is not for medical emergencies. Chest pain, acute neurological symptoms, stroke symptoms, difficulty breathing, trauma, need for x-rays, cast, sutures, wound care are just some examples that have to be seen in an emergency department.


This clinic is meant to treat semi-acute or acute ailments appropriately treated out of usual office hours in an office setting. It is not a substitute for obtaining ongoing scheduled medical care provided by the individual’s physician. It is not meant to ‘fast track’ routine care provided in your doctor’s office during his/her regularly scheduled hours. It is not for chronic disease management. Insurance and other third party forms, reports etc will not be completed.


Prescriptions for narcotics or other controlled substances will not be given as they must be obtained through the patients' own physician.

Below are the after hours clinic locations:


Mondays: 5-8pm

Dr Jude Obomighie.

Unit 4, 15 Henderson Street. Port Hope. ON, L1A 0C6. Phone (905) 885 8686.

Tuesdays: 5-8pm  

Dr Gord Plue. 

Suite 302, Feming building. 1005 Elgin Street West. Cobourg ON, K9A 5J4. 

Wednesdays: 5-8pm

Dr Maria Marszal.

5A-609 William St. Cobourg ON  K9A 3A5.

Thursdays: 5-8pm

Dr James Nearing.

Suite 302, Feming building. 1005 Elgin Street West. Cobourg ON, K9A 5J4. 

These hours are subject to change. We encourage you to phone your regular doctor to confirm if there are any changes to the above times. 


Port Hope Clinic
(Public Holidays - Closed)
Courtice Clinic
(Public Holidays - Closed)
Prestonvale Clinic
(Public Holidays - Closed)